About Us

Embrace Shoelace Designs is a professional embroidery company that specializes in custom designed shoelaces.  Our design team can create many different types of custom embroidery designs, including logos. Our shoelaces manufactured in the U.S.A., are high quality 100% cotton, and the designs are embroidered directly onto the shoelaces for lasting durability. We have a passion for making a great product and help to bring our customer’s visions to life.

Simply choose the design, text or a design-text combination you like , and we will do the rest! About 10 days after we receive the order, your custom laces will be ready to wear and show off to family and friends. We like to keep our process simple and efficient to ensure the success and satisfaction of every customer.

With our personalized shoelaces, clients can express their inner creativity and personality by incorporating individualized style into their everyday outfits from head to toe. Each shoelace design is carefully hand-crafted and makes wonderful gifts for people of all ages. Whether you are an individual, club, team, organization or just want to include something unique in your wardrobe, we are here to help!

Kalyn and Milford